Four Tips for Smart Financial Traveling

Four Tips for Smart Financial Traveling

When starting a successful career, traveling for your company is usually an integral part of any entry-level job. Going around from town to town is an excellent way to learn more about different places and expand your cultural pallet. While your company might foot the bill on some things, you could get stuck paying for a couple of others. If you forget to bring your cell phone, you might have to use to find out your boss’ number to get you out of a sticky situation when funds dry up. Instead of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere, try to plan intuitively and save a little bit of cash.

Pack Imperishable Food

One of the great things about traveling is the ability to eat out every single night. You can use the logic of not being able to cook for yourself or not being able to find a grocery store as a solid excuse to hit up the buffet. While you may want to go to a restaurant to impress clients, you can pack pre-made foods, freeze-dried fruits, and other snacks to tide you over between business meetings.

Use Licensed Cabs in Foreign Countries

Taking a taxi cab is the fastest way to get around in unfamiliar cities. Your taxi driver is usually an authority on the quickest routes and even if he isn’t he will probably have a GPS on the dashboard. In several countries, unlicensed cabs are popping up everywhere and can often be a dangerous way to get robbed or even seriously hurt.

According to the BBC, several unlicensed services in England are popping up and poaching people out of their money. They warn to always use a reputable service and call the police if they feel unsafe.

Don’t Buy into Hotel Extras

When visiting a hotel, it is easy to give into the temptations of the mini bar. Why wouldn’t you want to drink ten miniature bottles of Bacardi to wash down the king sized portion of Snickers? Visiting a hotel is usually a lesson in excessive behavior and truly primal instincts. If you have the willpower to not give into your most basic urges, you are a very disciplined person and

But, even if you are a disciplined individual, hotels are still going to try and gouge you when it comes to using their amenities. According to a recent report on CNN, many luxury and economy hotel chains are beginning to tack on extra fees for things like recreation facility maintenance, laundry, ice machines, and complimentary mints on pillows. If you want to save cash, stay at the Motel 6, camp, or sleep in your car.

Purchase Health Insurance at Home

There are a lot of uninsured Americans who have to deal with the high costs of health care in order to get the correct treatment. For these unfortunate souls, getting sick can often lead to bankruptcy and other undesirable outcomes. For those with insurance, the American system is usually the best in the world for emergencies and specialists. If you want to take advantage of your health care plan in a country with a socialized system, consider contacting your care provider before leaving.

Just like you would try to budget yourself while going on vacation, make sure you have a designated spending limit for your business travel expenses. Also make sure not to spend money on too many frivolous things because you are an ambassador for your company while traveling.

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