Save Money On Your Advertising Expenses This Year

If you own or manage a small business, you probably need to run a pretty tight financial ship. You have expenses ranging from salaries to lease payments to transportation costs and you likely don’t have the revenue figures enjoyed by many larger firms. This leads to a situation where making the appropriate tradeoffs is often necessary to ensure both continued profits and continued business vitality.

Such a tradeoff certainly comes into play when advertising budgets are concerned. Advertising can be crucial in helping a small business generate interest and increase exposure. But advertising budgets naturally need to be kept to a miniscule proportion compared to those of larger firms. How can this balance be achieved? The answer rests, in large part, on your ingenuity as a business manager. While you probably have found a system that works well for you, here are a few areas that – if focused upon – can translate into considerable advertising savings in the coming year:

Go Local With SEO

To increase website exposure many small businesses turn to SEO practices. This can boost your search result rankings, and, in turn, drive more traffic and business to your site. But placing links and using SEO services can be a costly way to move up in the results. This year, save money on your SEO expenses by narrowing your search terms to a local area. Rather than creating backlinks for the phrase “tax help,” you can instead place links that promise “San Diego tax help.” These links are cheaper to use and can translate into more search result exposure where it really counts – in your geographic region.

Use Social Media

Advertisers would be amiss to underutilize social media opportunities. Social media, after all, provides considerable degrees of exposure at a price that is negligible at most. Creating a Facebook page, working to grow that page’s number of “Likes”, and starting a Twitter account can help your business connect with its customers in a free and efficient way. Those who follow you on Twitter or “Like” your page on Facebook can be always abreast of your latest promotions or offers. Their friends, meanwhile, can see your page or your feed and get introduced to your product.

Build Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth is the original advertising medium, and even businesses that are purely focused online can use this method towards beneficial ends. This can be accomplished by identifying your target market and then communicating with its members in forums and at real-world gatherings. Whether it’s at a convention center in Las Vegas or a virtual internet café, in an email or through an online newsletter, finding ways to interact with your target consumer can help generate and grow your business’ exposure – even if you aren’t explicitly advertising your product in the process.

By focusing on these above areas you can hopefully cut advertising costs in the upcoming year without sacrificing your marketing goals. While the need to make tradeoffs can be a stressful one in the small business world, there is no reason why you can’t, with the right approach, have your cake and eat it too – save money while also generating interest in your product.

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